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“I'm here for the hard working ones the difference-makers and

the big dreamers who don't settle.”

Known for my experience in the insurance industry and my love of keeping up with the latest in technology.

PT GROUP LLC was just a natural progression over time. As the owner of an agency myself I was constantly looking for ways to save. Ours, was one of the first agencies to go paperless. Constantly looking for ways to streamline our work-flow, my motto is to always work smarter not harder. 



Meet my Family!

I am the father of all girls and the best son-in-law I could ever ask for. I married my best friend and high school sweetheart. My family is my world and I love them deeply and fiercely. We are very close and every minute spent with them are the best! 



Things You Should Know About Phil.

I am sure that I am the KC Chiefs no 1 fan! If I could have dinner with anyone of course  it would have to be Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, and Travis Kelce. If someone out there knows them, let's make this happen!
Our dog Zeus rules our house!
I love my job and it makes my day when my clients have breakthroughs and see tremendous progress. The companies I work with are more than clients, they are family. I am their biggest fan. I truly want to see them be very successful.




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Quarter, Half or Full Day Services
 This tends to be a more long term situation and provides the most efficient change in an agency. I am able to have the time to get to know the stake-holders and work-flows. This way I can work together with the agency leadership to come up with the right strategy to help accomplish your goals. Please fill out the form below, let's talk and figure out the best fit for your needs.
Services dependent upon availability. 

Service One

Per Project Basis
Do you have a big project and find yourself in need of some help, then my per project service might be the better choice for you. Send me a message on the form below and let's figure out the best fit for your agency needs. 
Service dependent on availability.

Service Two

Hourly Basis 
If you just have a few questions and need a little guidance then maybe my hourly service is the right fit for you. Please fill out the form below and lets figure out the best fit for your needs.
Service dependent on availability.

Service Three

“For more than five years working with phil at ibc insurance, I have had the opportunity to observe phil's interpersonal style, positive motivation and guidance as our epic system expert.
He is a remarkable talent in the insurance industry and mentor of our insurance technology system. As account executives we lean strongly on Phil's daily guidance for problem solving. Phil is very dedicated to his craft and conscientious in his endeavors which makes him an invaluable member of our agency's team!! On a personal level, Phil is a pleasure to work alongside and he always makes learning enjoyable and easy to understand."

"He is a remarkable talent in the insurance industry and mentor of our insurance technology system.”

- Betsey baker

"It was like working with another member of our own team

They seriously anticipated everything.”

- tom jacks, chef

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